At HCI Trading we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices, wherever we operate. We only work with business partners and suppliers that have satisfied a rigorous background check and the timber we source comes from carefully managed forests harvested responsibly. We take an active role in the communities where we do business to ensure that, in addition to economic benefits resulting from our business operations, we provide lasting benefits such as education and enhanced health programs.


At HCI Trading we have an opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact in the communities where we do business. Its an an opportunity that we see as an obligation and it's why we contribute 1% of profits back to the communities where we do operate. In Ghana, we work in partnership with local schools to provide access to computers and tablets, preparing students for the demands of the modern workplace. 


We recognize the impact the timber industry can have on the planet, which is why we chose to make that impact a positive one. Every log is traced to its source, ensuring it is harvested in a fair and sustainable manor.  Our timbers have EUTR,  FSC and PEFC certifications. 

In addition to our responsible business practices, we also contribute to reforestation programs, which help to prevent erosion and reduce global CO2 levels.