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Red Oak

  • ORIGIN: Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada.
  • APPEARANCE : light to medium brown, commonly with a reddish cast. Grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture.
  • DRIED WEIGHT: 44 lbs/ft3
  • WORKABILITY:high degree of workability especially with machine tools.
  • PRICE/AVAILABILITY :Abundant availability and less expensive than White Oak

White Ash

  • ORIGIN: Eastern North America.
  • APPEARANCE : Light to medium brown color, straight-grained with moderately coarse texture.
  • DRIED WEIGHT: 44 lbs/ft3
  • WORKABILITY:Ash is very durable, both flexible and shock resistant. The wood, when dried, is very shock resistant and light.
  • PRICE/AVAILABILITY :One of the least expensive Hardwoods and readily available.

Hard Mapel

  • ORIGIN: Eastern North America
  • APPEARANCE : dense, light in color and fine textured.
  • DRIED WEIGHT: 44 lbs/ft3
  • WORKABILITY: moderately hard and of medium strength, well known for its working properties.
  • PRICE/AVAILABILITY : moderately priced, though slightly more expensive than Soft Maple


  • ORIGIN: Northeastern North America
  • APPEARANCE : Grain of the yellow birch is fine, smooth and regular. Its natural colour goes from pale beige to reddish brown.
  • DRIED WEIGHT: 43 lbs/ft3
  • WORKABILITY: Easy to work with machine tools. Birch is a very heavy, strong, durable wood, hard and stiff, with excellent shock-resistance.
  • PRICE/AVAILABILITY :Readily available and around the same price range as Oak and Mapel, so affordable.


  • ORIGIN: Eastern North America
  • APPEARANCE : light pinkish brown when cut and then goldern brown with exposure to light. Uniform grain texture, which is fine and wavy.
  • DRIED WEIGHT: 44 lbs/ft3
  • WORKABILITY: Cherry is easy to work with and dimensionaly stable. Once the wood is dry, there is little chance it will warp or move.
  • PRICE/AVAILABILITY : Cost more than other hardwoods, such as Oak and Maple, but its readily available.

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