Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring will add warmth and beauty to any home. Our mills operate high tech milling equipment, yet hand select each board to obtain the finest quality wood to ensure a beautiful, high quality hardwood floor. 

CHeery Hardwood

Our hardwood flooring is fabricated from solid wood to a finished thickness of 3/4" with tongue and groove on all four sides for a tight joint between boards. If required, we can customize your floor to meet multiple dimensions. 

Our hardwood flooring is available in several different grades. At one end of this spectrum are the grades commonly referred to as “Tavern” or “Cabin” grades, which have mineral streaks, knots, and a high degree of variation in colour between boards. On the other end of the range, the “Clear” or “Select” grades are more consistent in colour from board to board, have little or no knots or pinholes, and similar length boards. . Generally speaking, longer and wider planks of solid hardwood are more desirable and more costly than shorter, skinnier planks.

Wood Species:

Sizes and Profiles


Solid Hardwood Flooring Sizes
Thickness 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
Width 3" 4 1/4" 5"
Length 18" to 84" 18" to 84" 18" to 84"
Microbevel 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm

Valhalla profile is a tongue and groove cut with a square edge for a tight fit between boards, often making it difficult to determine where one board ends and another begins. This cut is particularly popular with wood varieties that are uniform in color.

The Chello cut features a micro beveled edge for a more distinct gap between boards and looks great will all wood verities. The edge creates shadows that give the flooring an added dimension. For flooring that is finished prior to instillation, micro beveled edged can hide slight height differences between boards.




Quarter Round


Stair Nosing

Carpet Reducer



In addition to our most popular pattern - Straight - we offer several other custom flooring patterns. Patterns such as Herringbone and Chevron are becoming increasingly.


Basket Weave

Straight Runs




Dutch Pattern

Instillation and Care

Solid hardwood flooring is a 100% natural product that responds to variations in ambient humidity. During warm and humid summers, it is common for wood to expand, while during cold and dry winters, wood can contract as it drys and water leaves its pores. The degree of expansion and contraction primarily depends on the wood species. In order to mitigate the movement of your hardwood floor, you should maintain a relative indoor humidity level of 45-55% throughout the year.

Our hardwood can be used in a wide verity of applications in both residential and commercial spaces, and installed on or above grade. We do not recommend installation below grade or over radiant heat floor systems as it will put your floor at risk of damage. For high traffic areas you should consider a harder species that will show less wear - refer to the Janka hardness below or on our product pages.

Solid hardwood flooring can be stapled or nailed to a wood subfloor. In some cases, you can glue hardwood to a concrete subfloor. With proper maintenance and care, solid hardwood can last for over 30 years and can even be refinished to restore its original beauty and look, extending its life even longer.

Species Comparison:

Hardness (Janka Scale)

Color Variation

Color Change Over Time