HCI Trading has the expertise and financing capability to deliver fibre to Sawmills to be custom cut depending on customer specifications. With certified graders on site we ensure each lumber board is cut on grade and in a time frame that meets delivery expectations. The lumber is then tallied and packaged as per customers’ requests and shipped to its destination.

HCI Trading delivers wood products by road, rail and sea. We offer timely access to international markets by forging close relationships with reputable carriers worldwide. We also offer vendor managed inventories and demand forecasting. This allows our customers to have all inventory items constantly in stock, mitigating the risk of not being able to meet an order on time.

HCI Trading provide outsourced procurement services to wholesalers and contractors worldwide. Due to our traders being located in the heart of the timber trading marketplace we are able to procure quality wood products from a range of mills to ensure price transparency and to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product at the lowest price point delivered in the quickest time frame.

HCI Trading predominantly operates in the export marketplace, therefore we can provide Mills with an opportunity to export their product range in bulk volumes to foreign companies that they may not have approached themselves. This has many advantages for small to medium sized Mills in particular as it presents an opportunity to steadily increase production and revenues to meet long term supply agreements from foreign businesses who purchase regular container loads.

The ability to offer our customers financing solutions is what makes HCI Trading more than just a broker of timber products.  We realize that offering financing terms of up to 90 days is key to making us competitive. 

To ensure quality control is maintained to our customers satisfaction HCI Trading inspects the production process THREE times.  Before and after Kiln drying and once before loading.  A detailed Inspection Report with pictures is sent to the customer and signed off before the load is shipped, thus ensuring our quality standard and bringing peace of mind to each party, us the seller and our buyers.